Have you been eating supposedly healthy, plant-based foods while struggling with your health?

Are you having digestive issues or autoimmune issues? Perhaps you’re suffering from a “failure to thrive” (which is doctor speak for “feeling like s**t”).

I've been there. I was vegan for seven years and then vegetarian for another 10. I thought I was making healthy choices for myself and my family. But we were getting sicker and sicker no matter what type of plant-based diet we tried.

Now I’m a certified nutrition and health coach who helps people transition from the plant-based dogma towards a diet that suits their personal needs. No one should live a sub-optimal life because they're not eating the foods that nourish them.

Are you trying to get more nutritious animal foods but can't because you're still tied to your old beliefs? I can help. To take the next step on your path to optimal health, book a free strategy session by clicking the button below.

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Thanks to Sameer, my old clothes don't fit, I no longer deal with chronic pain and I'm sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Sameer's a master strategist who can help you reach your health goals. 

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Sameer discovered the power of a meat based diet to heal chronic disease. Now he helps others do the same. 


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